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Contact Us Here's a list of who's who and how to contact us by e-mail: EDITORIAL STAFF Richard Fisher KI6SN, Editor Rich Moseson, W2VU, Editorial Director Jason Feldman, Editorial Assistant
COLUMNISTS Peter J. Bertini, K1ZJH, Restoration/Electronics Kent Britain, WA5VJB, Antennas And Accessories Bruce A. Conti, AM/FM Broadcasts Rob de Santos, Trends In Technology Gerry L. Dexter, Shortwave Broadcast Mitch Gill, NA7US, Homeland Security Tomas Hood, NW7US, Propagation Shannon Huniwell, Classic Radio Kirk Kleinschmidt, NTØZ, Amateur Radio Mark Meece, N8ICW, Military Monitoring D. Prabakaran, News Bill Price, N3AVY, Humor/Communications Ken Reiss, Technical/Scanning Dan Srebnick, K2DLS, Computers And Radio Bob Sturtevant, AD7IL, Puzzles and Trivia Tom Swisher, WA8PYR, Civil Aviation Jason Togyer, KB3CNM, Cartoons Gordon West, WB6NOA, General Radio Communications
ADVERTISING Jon Kummer, WA2OJK, Advertising Manager
Direct Telephone Line: 516-883-1641; Fax 516-883-1107
Email: jon.kummer@cqcomm.com
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